Matthew 6:12, 14-15 We are called to forgive others the same way that Jesus forgave us. What does this look like then? And how does Christ’s death on the cross lead us to forgive others now? Listen below as Aaron continues in The Lord’s Prayer series. Listen below!

Matthew 5:38-42 We were blessed to hear from Michael TenBarge, a pastoral intern at Calvary Englewood, this past Sunday. This marked our final message from Matthew for a few months, as we take a pause in that series for the summer to spend time in the Psalms and Ruth together. While retaliation may not seem […]

Matthew 5:17-20 What does it mean when Jesus says He came to fulfill the law? What law is he talking about? Listen below to hear Pastor Adam go through Matthew 5:17-20 and help us understand what Jesus means. We will find that there are two aspects to what Jesus says. First, we must value the […]

Matthew 5:14-16 Jesus uses two telling metaphors for Christians here: we are the light of the world as a city on a hill and as a lamp on a stand. This is an important concept to grasp! As Christians, we are to embrace our identity as light and shine in a way that: doesn’t hide […]