Here is what’s happening at Calvary Summitview!


A Calvary Institute class from our elder candidate:

“How to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd”  April 25th 9:00am

We are thrilled for Roger Koons to lead a one-time class on listening to the Good Shepherd. You will not want to miss this 45 minutes Adult Sunday school ministry. A distinctive of our church is submission to the authority of God’s Word. No one and no thing in our life should stand above God’s Word. We esteem the Bible, but often times we need help to have effective Bible study and reading times. Join Roger 9:00 on April 25th.


Congregational Meeting April 25th 11:10am

Here is the agenda with proposals:

  1. Approve minutes from our previous congregational meeting.
  2. Roger shares about 2021 1st quarter budget update.
  3. Roger proposes Leah Riggins serve as church treasurer.
  4. Gabe proposes Wayne and Suzanne Gibson for church membership.
  5. Gabe proposes Roger Koons serve as an elder-shepherd.
  6. Gabe proposes Kyle Riggins serve as an elder-shepherd.
  7. Gabe proposes Christa Cisneros be moved from Interim “Worship Leader” to Worship Director.



  1. VBS update
  2. 4th of July update
  3. 4 goals in children’s ministry, whole church and home.
  4. Student Ministries