Hear this: Jesus loves you so much he reveals God in the flesh and speaks the word of God through His mouth. We recently listened to Jesus tell the religious leaders of his day, “You do not know the difference between man’s words and God’s Words (Matthew 15:1-9.”

We face the same challenge today. Who said what? What words will matter for all eternity. The greatest way to know God’s Word is to read, memorize, meditate and tell everyone what God says. Stating our faith is so important for us and for others. And yet speaking our faith is one of our greatest struggles we face as christ followers.

We use the New City discipleship tool to help us memorize the truth God reveals about Himself, humankind, sin and grace. It is a question answer format with a key passage to support each truth. There is a short answer highlighted and a long answer for adults to have a deeper understanding. right now.

Please receive this New City book from our church or even better, download the New City Mobile App right now.

Would you pray about memorizing the first 12 questions, answers and verses with me? I need community encouraging me to press on in the task of knowing the faith by heart. It might take you a year. It might take you a month. I want to know who I can ask questions to and who will ambush me with a question about our faith. Please email me, gabe@thecalvary.org, if you are interested in joining the memorization course.

May we know the faith to know God deeply for ourselves. May we know the faith to show and tell the gospel boldly. May we know the faith as a little church making Jesus known in a big way.


In Christ’s love,

Pastor Gabe

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