Matthew 6:12, 14-15 We are called to forgive others the same way that Jesus forgave us. What does this look like then? And how does Christ’s death on the cross lead us to forgive others now? Listen below as Aaron continues in The Lord’s Prayer series. Listen below!

Matthew 2:1-12 It was the third Sunday of Advent this past weekend, and we are moving steadily through Matthew 1-2 over this month. In 2:1-12, we read the familiar story of the Magi visiting Jesus. But while this passage can sometimes be remembered for its remarkable pieces (namely the Star of Bethlehem!), it is truly […]

James tells us that truly following Jesus means we care for the vulnerable and keep ourselves from sin. Yet it seems like James saw some in the early church not doing this. In fact, he saw separation occurring along the lines of social class, a practice called “partiality.” Listen below to hear more from James […]

While many people have claimed that there is no God, sometimes there is an even greater amount of people who live as though there is no God. The temptation of functional atheism affects all of humanity because all are sinful. Thank God that there story does not end there though! Listen below to hear more from […]