Evan Skelton, a replanting resident at Calvary Summitview, continues our series in 1 John. We are expositional church, and so we preach everything in God’s Word – even if it deals with the “children of Satan” (yikes!). Does that pique your interest at all? Listen below to hear more. We pray you are encouraged […]

This is a fun one to talk about! What does John mean when he talks about “antichrist”? And more importantly, what does he mean apart from what our popular culture thinks of when it hears “antichrist”? Listen below as Gabe unpacks what John means, and how it ought to be applied in our lives.

He is risen! He is risen indeed! We had a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of Jesus together this past Sunday. God has shown His power in resurrecting Jesus from the dead. What a glorious hope we have in our risen Lord! We were blessed to have everyone in our church join together for one […]