Advent season has begun! It is also the beginning of our new sermon series in the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew’s gospel begins by listing the genealogy of Jesus. While the list of names may not jump out to us as an “exciting” thing to read at first, a deeper dive into it shows us the […]

We haven’t posted a new sermon recently, as we have had technical recording issues one Sunday (10.28) and we joined with the Calvary Family of Churches for a combined worship service last week (11.4). You can learn more about the Calvary Family of Churches at this link. It was a JOY to join together as […]

Due to some technical difficulties with our church computer, we were unable to record this past Sunday’s message from Pastor Gabe on James 4:13-17. We highly encourage you to read that passage this next week and reach out to others at the church is you can discuss it with them, or join one of our […]

James tells us that truly following Jesus means we care for the vulnerable and keep ourselves from sin. Yet it seems like James saw some in the early church not doing this. In fact, he saw separation occurring along the lines of social class, a practice called “partiality.” Listen below to hear more from James […]