Matthew 5:1-3 Welcome to The Beatitudes! This is what the beginning section of Matthew 5 is commonly referred to. We are excited to dive deeper into each of these verses! Our first stop is in Matthew 5:3: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Listener, if you are in […]

Matthew 4:23-25 At Calvary Summitview, we are committed to expositional preaching. This means that we will go through every verse of whatever part of the Bible we are currently studying together. This means that even the seemingly minor story of Jesus’ fame growing in Matthew 4:23-25 is important to our hearing of God’s Word! In […]

Advent season has begun! It is also the beginning of our new sermon series in the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew’s gospel begins by listing the genealogy of Jesus. While the list of names may not jump out to us as an “exciting” thing to read at first, a deeper dive into it shows us the […]

We haven’t posted a new sermon recently, as we have had technical recording issues one Sunday (10.28) and we joined with the Calvary Family of Churches for a combined worship service last week (11.4). You can learn more about the Calvary Family of Churches at this link. It was a JOY to join together as […]